Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK Unlimited Money, and no Ads


Playing a game with limited fuel, coins, and ads pop up, after every few seconds, which seems very disturbing. There are some mod versions of the app that provide features like maximum fuel, unlimited coins, and bus customization but in bits and pieces. Is there any single BUSSID mod APK that contains all premium features unlocked in a single file?

Well! Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK’s latest version, on top of the list of Bus Simulator games, is available for you. Download the file from the download button on top of the page, and continue the installation with simple steps. So, your worries about managing limited fuel, single bus, gathering coins, and watching unnecessary ads, are over now.

In this article, we will provide you with a download button, feature details, installation procedure, driving tips, and old versions of the app along with the pros and cons of the app as well. So, take a quick look at the key sections apart from downloading the app to make your experience better.

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847 MB

Android OS

5.1 or above



Game Overview: Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK

Maleo, an Indonesian game development community, launched a bus simulation game on 27 March 2017. The game offers many cool features to drive a bus, having different modes, in the beautiful cities of Indonesia. Realistic 3D graphics experience and choice of selection unlimited resources make it more interesting and engaging!      

game control

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Features of Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK

BUSSID Mod APK provides unlimited fuel, and coins without spending a penny in return. The steering control system and gyro system are just suspicious. Screen of the game can titled as per the requirements. 

Note: The game provides unlimited features (coins, fuel, buses, tracks, maps) without any cost.

No Ads

You won’t see any kind of ad while playing the game. It will save you time and help in complete game goals well in time!

No Obstruction while Driving

The game operates smoothly without any glaring obstructions while driving the bus.

Unlimited Fuel

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK provides maximum rather than unlimited fuel for all types of vehicles. Feel free to drive the bus on any off-road terrain without any worry of fuel!

Unlimited Money

Participating in different kinds of challenges and competitions required money in the original game. However, the modified app shares unlimited money to participate in any desired challenge. 


Online Multiplayer mode enabled

Connect your SmartPhone to the internet and play in multiplayer mode. No charges are applied!   

Cool and Fun Honk

The sound quality of the horns is just amazing it makes people attentive and doesn’t cause discomfort as well to the people.

Different brands and types of buses

Different types of buses with amazing controls can be selected for drive. 

Indonesian Buses

Indonesian make and types of buses are available in the “Bus” section for both career and tourism purposes.

game control2

Unlocked All Buses

You can customize any bus as all the buses are completely unlocked in Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK.

Customization of buses and their outlook

Paint color and bus design can be customized as per requirements with ease. 

Different Cars

Car lovers can satisfy their desire to drive eye-catching cars in the heart-touching landscapes of Indonesia and India.

Variety of Trucks

Driving a truck is an art and everybody can’t handle a big giant. So, you can test your driving skills on challenging hilly terrains.

Different Bikes

Are you a rider? Don’t worry! The app will let you drive state-of-the-art bikes and participate in different challenges as well.

Never Ending Coins

In an original game, some people can’t buy items due to limited coins. Well! The worry about coins is over now! Purchase anything in the game with unlimited coins.

Free Purchase/ Shopping and Upgrade

Updated versions of the app are released regularly and you can download and install them free of cost.

The game Sound is like Dolby Atmos

The sound quality of the game is top-class and sometimes hypnotizes people.

Tourism mode

If you love roaming around beautiful picnic spots and want to satisfy your tourism instincts with meager expenses, then simply apply “Tourism mode”. Tourism can’t be so easy and amazing!


Career or Passenger Mode

If you want to take a real feel of the game, then select “Career Mode”. It will allow you to stop your bus at various stops. Pick up passengers by tapping on them. Give them a ride and help them achieve their desired destinations.

Simple Intuitive Controls

A game is the best for users if it provides simple and flexible controls and so is the case of Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK. Pressing brakes, accelerating the bus, and adjusting the mirror, all said tasks are very easy.  

High Quality Graphics

3D graphics make the game more beautiful for the BUSSID mod APK game lovers.

AI Traffic

It contains a classy traffic system that automatically turns traffic light signals to different colors. So, you will feel a real-time experience through an integrated AI traffic system.

Challenging Missions

Feeling bored of driving alone? The game will allow you to participate in various challenges and test your true driving skills.  

Fabulous Maps

You can add maps of various countries apart from Indonesian maps. One of the most demanding maps is the Indian map. The map will allow you to proactively handle upcoming terrain challenges with much ease.    

Indonesian Culture

If you want to take a closer look at the Indonesian Culture, then spend hundreds of dollars and visit physically. Sounds expensive? Wait! Download the game now and see the Indonesian culture free of cost. 

Optimized Game

Developers had put an effort to optimize the game. It will not make your SmartPhone slow rather you will play the game smoothly. 

Save Online Data

Data is automatically saved when an internet connection or mobile data is active.

Free Game and Upgrades

The current version of the game and upgrades are completely free to download and install.

How to Download and Install Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK on Android?

  • Click on the Download button at the top of the page. If it doesn’t start, click it again and it will start downloading the file immediately.
  • The download process will take some time. Remain connected with the internet or mobile data. 
  • You will find the downloaded file in the “Downloads” section of SmartPhones’s Gallery.
  • Go to the settings of your SmartPhone and allow “Installation from Unknown sources”.
  • Click on the downloaded file and it will start installing on your Phone.
  • Wait for a few seconds!
  • Great! You have successfully downloaded “Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK”. Enjoy playing the game!

Download and Install Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK on a PC or Laptop

Unfortunately, the developers haven’t released an official version of the app to directly install on a PC or laptop. Still, we can download and install the app through an Emulator safely. Here is a complete guide:

  • Visit the official site of any good Emulator, BlueStacks is preferred.
  • Click on the Download button and wait for its completion.
  • Open the downloaded file and allow administrative privileges, if you see a prompt.
  • Select “Next” and default paths when asked.
  • Wait for a few minutes! Great, the Emulator is ready now.
  • Set up your Gmail account, and enter your Gmail ID and password.
  • Drag and drop the already downloaded “BUSSID mod APK” file on BlueStacks Emulator. Let it complete the process.
  • Amazing! Enjoy playing the game on your PC or laptop.

System Requirements

Before installing the app “Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK” on your PC, make sure you maintain the following requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows OS – 7 or above
  • RAM – 4 GB
  • Hard Disk Drive – 50 GB
  • CPU – Core i3 or above

Download and Install BUSSID Mod APK on a Macbook

By this date, the developers haven’t released any official app for Macbook users. But we can download and install the app by an alternative means, i.e. Emulator. Here is the complete process:

  • Visit the official site of the Emulator, LD player, or BlueStacks.
  • Download and install the latest version of the software.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file and provide root-level permissions while installing the Emulator on your Macbook.
  • Great! Now enter your Gmail ID and password to complete the process.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded file to the Emulator.
  • Wait for a little while!
  • Amazing! Enjoy playing the game on your Macbook.

Want to use the app on iOS? Don’t worry! Read complete guide to download and install Bus Simulator Indonesia on iOS

Pros and Cons: Bus Simulator Indonesia mod apk


  • The app is completely free to download and install.
  • The user interface is simple and easy.
  • Bugs and issues are resolved in frequent updates.
  • Unlocked buses, unlimited coins, maximum fuel, and a lot more features are available.
  • Completely safe to download.
  • Other country maps can be added easily.
  • Various modes enhance better user experience.


  • The old app is required to be deleted before installing the new app.
  • The addition of a map may seem a bit difficult to new users.

Tips for driving

You may have driven a bus or any other vehicle previously. If you didn’t, then it’s completely okay. Here are prominent guidelines that will help you become a good driver, in the game or the real world as well:

Follow Traffic Rules

Stop your vehicle on the red light and drive when it turns green. Carefully overtake other vehicles and most importantly use efficient use of mirrors. Simply, follow traffic rules!

Be Patient

Stay relaxed and calm. Don’t panic on a rushy road and wait for other vehicles to pass. By showing patience, you will reach your destination safely.

Maintain Speed Limits

Maintain a good speed limit as it will benefit you and your vehicle. Reduce the speed when you are passing by a hospital, school, or a rushy area.  

Pedestrians Safety

Pedestrians have the first right to use the road. Always give them space and don’t frighten them by accelerating the vehicle unnecessarily.

Side Mirror Usage

Side mirrors help calculate the exact distance of nearby vehicles. Make a permanent habit of using them.

Use of Indicators

Give a signal to other vehicles by using an indicator. Always enable the indicator when turning right or left. Use a double indicator when your vehicle develops some fault. 

Keep in touch with Weather Updates

Check the latest weather news before going on a long drive. Driving in extreme weather can be challenging at times.

Passengers Care

Apply brakes carefully and make sure to drop passengers at exact stops.

Proper Parking

Use the reserved parking place. It will help you and others moving to and from the parking area.

Avoid annoying other drivers

Don’t disturb other people driving on the road by neck-to-neck racing or crossing.  

Use of headlights

Night driving is almost impossible without headlights. Use them carefully and don’t throw beams on vehicles coming from the other side.

Regular Upgrades and Customization

Update your game regularly to gain a better driving experience by using flexible control objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

A gaming app that provides a list of buses to users to drive at various tracks in different modes. Maps, near real-time maps, and amazing graphics quality make the game unique.

A modified version of the original app that will provide you unlimited resources in the form of fuel, coins, buses, maps, and tracks, free of cost. Premium features are fully unlocked.

Download an Emulator and set up your Gmail account. After that, drag and drop the app and it will start working on your PC and Macbook.

Don’t uninstall the existing version of the app and install the new one. Your data will remain intact and will not be lost at all.

Yes, we regularly scan against potential viruses and malware. So, it’s completely safe to download and install the app on your SmartPhone. 

Do you still have queries? Don’t worry! Visit FAQs and get answers to your all questions.


Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK provides all premium features unlocked completely free of cost. It will provide you with high-quality maps, 3D graphics, unlimited fuel, and coins, and above all you won’t see any ads while playing the game. Different modes make it more interesting. Overall, the game is amazing to play!  

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